knock On Wood Productions
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Welcome to Knock On Wood Bird House Productions

When was the last time you saw a square bird’s nest? So why do we insist on making them square? Our revolutionary design uses molded plywood. This one-piece construction of real wood allows for a strong and durable product that is not only pleasing to the eye but a more natural environment for the birds.

Our “Out on a Limb” and “Crazy Condos” line of bird houses feature a unique cleaning and viewing characteristic that requires no tools. Simply pull out two pins to remove the face. They may be hung from any tree or mounted on a post or tree.

All houses are built with drainage holes on the bottom as well as vent holes under the roof line to prevent over heating. These handcrafted items make each house truly one of a kind, yet you will still enjoy consistency of design and intent for you and your feathered friends. For those that are creative, you may purchase the base house plain for you to finish.

Order them painted in your choice of a bleached, sienna, or mineral brown stone finish.
You can even mix and match by using a different color on the roof than the house.
So, if you enjoy the outdoors with all it’s benefits, why not hang some yard art that is as
functional as it is beautiful.